4 channel digital video recorder with 1tb hdd

4 channel digital video recorder with 1tb hdd
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The superb DVR works with both analogue cameras and IP cameras. This makes CCTV systems and upgrades easier all round. Installers don't have to worry about compatibility and end-users can upgrade their VCR or DVR but still use their existing analogue cameras and add new IP ones as and when needed.
NB. This model is fitted and commissioned with 1TB of HDD and on-board DVD writer already installed.
2-way Talkback
By connecting a microphone locally to the HVR and wiring a loudspeaker system such as the VoiceOff from the HVR to a surveillance area, the CCTV operator can talk back to 2 separate zones.
This feature can be used for security purposes to warn off an intruder for business and property management purposes by using it to communicate with a visitor at the entrance gates.
For the majority of businesses that are not manned 24/7, using the Talkback feature gives the owner/manager an extra pair of eyes and voice even when they are not there. If an intruder breaks into the property or its perimeter during the night, they can be alerted by an alarm input such as a break beam detector and then "warn off" the intruder.
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