Microboil Standard Boiling Water Unit White

Microboil Standard Boiling Water Unit White
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Item Description Unit Price Qty
MBS3 Microboil Standard 3L Boiling Water Unit 20 cups White £656.00
MBS6 Microboil Standard 6L Boiling Water Unit 38 cups White £690.00
MBS8 Microboil Standard 8L Boiling Water Unit 50 cups White £725.00
MBS16 Microboil Standard 16L Boiling Water Unit 100 cups White £923.00
MBS25 Microboil Standard 25L Boiling Water Unit 156 cups White £1,090.00
MBWAR3 Microboil 3 year on site warranty £72.00
Microboil Standard Boiling Water Unit provides instant near-boiling water for preparing hot drinks in the workplace. Provides from 20 to 156 cups.

Unit Features:

• Time saving – provides instant hot water so no need to wait for the kettle to boil
• Space saving – frees up worktop space by eliminating the need for a kettle
• Energy saving – no energy wasted boiling more water than is required
• Sophisticated electronics maintain a constant supply of hot water – even when the unit is automatically re-filling after heavy usage
• Stylish and compact design
• White finish
• Simple to use and easy to install
• Heavy duty catering style chrome tap with lock-on option
• 1 year on-site warranty as standard
• It is highly recommended that a filter system is fitted to protect against limescale build up. Units may need to be de-scaled regularly. Scale damage is not covered by the warranty.
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