Test Meters and Leads

Test Meters and Leads
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The WNTE29890 is 2 way unfused electcal tesing cable set featuring a Red lead assembly, Black lead..
The WNTE29916 is a 3 Lead Set with unfused probes to 90° 4mm plugs including CAT III probe adapter..
The WNTE29917 is a 3 Unfused Probe Kit to 90Deg 4mm Plug, CAT III Probe Adaptors, 3 Push Fit Croc ..
The WNTE29940 power cord features: UK mains plug to 3x 4mm plugs UK mains plug with 10A fuse..
The WNTE3006 is a 2 Lead Set (red and black) with fused probes to 90° 4mm plugs connection and 1.5..
The WNTE3021 is a 1KV, 3 Fused Probe to 90Deg 4mm Plug, 3 Screw Fit Croc Clips Fused Probes to..